As a mission-driven brand, we have committed to donating a percentage of each product sold to a Latina-led, founded, or supporting charity in high standing.

Meet Our Founder

Most of us understand the importance of representation and how it contributes to feeling included and empowered. I grew up seeking out stories of exceptional women, and it helped me overcome my self-doubt.

When my daughter began to think about her future, I wanted her to know more about the women who came before her. I wanted her and underrepresented children like her to be inspired to pursue their biggest goals.

Today, Latinas are paid 49 cents on the dollar compared to white men. Latinos are more than 18% of the population yet make up only 5.3% of TV and 4.9% of film roles. Latinas continue to struggle to be paid, represented, and valued in a society that has benefitted from all we offer.

Lady Lotería is a love letter to Latinas. It is a continued effort to help my daughter and all of us feel represented, inspired, and undeterred to follow our dreams. Lady Lotería, was made to amplify stories of exceptional Latinas because if she sees it, she can be it.

with love,